A fast, simple temperature monitoring system based on proprietary color change technology.
  • Anesthesia Through PACU
  • Easy To Read Moving Line
  • Hypo/Hyperthermia Monitoring
  • Non-Invasive - Cost Effective
  • Comparable To Esophageal Probes
  • Core Adjusted Temperature Trends
  • Fast, Disposable, Latex Free
Clinitemp Temperature Monitor Thermometer
Compliant to ISO 13485: 2016

WMD 104 Rev01

Clinitemp Temperature Monitor Thermometer Product
Liquid crystals are chemical compounds and mixtures that exhibit the mechanical properties of liquids and optical characteristics of solids. Liquid crystals that change color with changes in temperature are known as thermochromic liquid crystals (TLCs). Scientifically, they are identified as Cholesteric Liquid Crystals.

Clinitemp products utilize this exciting technology (TLCs) for the measurement of clinical temperature trends in the healthcare environment. Clinitemp products feature a continuous display of core-adjusted temperature as indicated by a bright line, which continuously moves across the temperature range. Readings are made at the center of the line.

The Clinitemp technology has been thoroughly studied and well documented to reliably reflect core body temperature of anesthetized patients. References are available upon request.

Pre-Op, Surgery, PACU
Disposable (w/ adhesive backing)
100 thermometers per dispenser
Disposable (w/ adhesive backing)
50 thermometers per dispenser
°F or °C
°F and °C
°F and °C
84°F–106°F / 29°C–41°C
84°F–106°F / 29°C–41°C

To Read:
1.  Remove backing.
2.  Apply to center of forehead. (Skin surface should be clean and dry.)
3.  Read temperature when yellow line stops moving. (Typically 10-15 seconds.)
Please see package insert for complete instructions for use.

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